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Classy Caps 4×4 Solar Post Cap Lights Review: Are They Really The Best?

If you look at 4×4 solar post cap lights in the market today you will notice Classy Caps have by far the most variety and style. Just checkout this Classy Caps sales listing page on Amazon for 4 x 4 solar post cap light products, you will see how many different styles, colors and sizes there […]

2 Types of Solar Parking Lot Lights From EESGI

An innovative Californian based solar products supplier called the EESGI (EE Systems Group Inc.) has introduced 2 types of solar parking lot lights. 1) eLEDing Solar Powered Street Flood Lights (Cobra Style) for Parking Lots 2) eLEDing Solar Powered Spot Flood Lights for Parking Lots Marketed under EESGI’s reputed eLEDing brand name and with 2 […]

Brightest Solar Powered Landscape Lights

Many people expect solar powered landscape lights to be as bright as normal lights. So they are frequently disappointed with solar powered lighting solutions they buy because they are not as bright as standard electricity grid powered lights. That’s why when shopping for any lights or solar lights specially it is very important to match […]

Stainless Steel Solar Lights – Set of 4 by Alpan

Do you need lights that’s both affordable and with great design? Here’s what you need. The latest from Alpan Lighting Products, the Stainless Steel Platinum Solar Garden Lights (set of 4). It has a contemporary design and is made of heavy duty materials. It doesn’t tarnish and remains shiny even after being exposed outdoors. It’s […]

Buying Solar Wall Lights Questions

Top Four Questions To Ask Before Buying Solar Wall Lights Due to the vast popularity of solar wall lights, many homeowners have flocked to hardware stores and online retail shops like Amazon just so they could jump into the latest fad in home security. Most of the time, solar lights either don’t get used to […]

3 Best-Selling LED Solar Security Lights

Because LED solar security lights are in demand right now, more and more varieties, brands and models are being launched in the market each month. However, not all of them are created equally; some shine brighter than others, while others may not be as powerful but are affordable. One of the best tips given to […]

Motion Activated Solar Security Lights

MAXSA Innovations 40225 Motion Activated Solar Security Floodlight: Click Here to Buy Now The MAXSA Innovations solar security lights are definitely one of the brightest solar powered lighting units ever made. The lamp is made up of 80 LED bulbs making it not only bright but very energy efficient to provide a flood of bright […]

Solar Deck Lights by HomeBrite

Set Of 6 Black Solar Deck Lights: Click here for more information or to Buy Now When it comes to solar deck lights, the Wunder Light by Homebrite is a great solar powered lighting solution that can be used in several ways. It is a relatively small product and comes in a pack of 6, […]

How to Repair Broken Solar Post Lights

Top Selling Solar Post Light: GTMax Lamp Post Solar Powered Light – 6.5 Feet (Adjustable height)Click here for more information, reviews and to buy Solar post lights are some of the most common types of solar lights you can expect to find in home improvement. These are simply solar powered outdoor lights that are fixated […]

How To Install Solar Shed Lighting

Designers Edge L-949 10 LED Solar Shed Light: Click Here for Reviews and to Buy A solar shed light is slightly different from the most common types of solar lights usually used in gardens and around the yard. It is meant to be fixed over areas around a shed, gazebo, tent, or other similar structures. […]

Preparing Your Solar Security Light

There are some differences that separate solar security lights from normal solar lighting fixtures. For one it is not meant for decoration but rather a much more functional purpose. The bulb must be brighter and produce a strong beam of light that can cast light over a wider area than your typical task lighting. It […]

The 5 Most Popular Makers of Solar Lights

The market for solar lights at the consumer level is relatively young. Despite having been available for many years only fairly recently has technological advances made solar lighting a feasible environmentally friendly choice for many homeowners. The most popular makers include companies that specialize in energy conscious lighting, outdoor décor, a cost leader in lighting […]

When To Throw Out Solar Christmas Lights

Solar Christmas LightsClick here to buy now or for more information. There is nothing like the excitement of Christmas creeping up around the corner and the task of untangling your Christmas lights. With the additional use of electricity to run these lights all night comes an increase in your energy bill. This problem can be […]

Pros and Cons of Using Solar Spot Lights

When it comes to solar lights there are several pros and recently are being improved to outweigh some of the cons. But in more demanding uses such as spot lights and task lighting, it really comes down to the needs and desires of the individual as well as their budget. The pros of solar spot […]

Smartest Ways to Use Solar Patio Lights

Not all solar lights are made the same and are designed differently for various uses. When looking to install solar patio lights to refine the outdoor décor of your home, consider the functionality of the lights. That will give you a good idea as to what the best use will be. The most common are […]

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