2 Types of Solar Parking Lot Lights From EESGI

An innovative Californian based solar products supplier called the EESGI (EE Systems Group Inc.) has introduced 2 types of solar parking lot lights.

1) eLEDing Solar Powered Street Flood Lights (Cobra Style) for Parking Lots
2) eLEDing Solar Powered Spot Flood Lights for Parking Lots

Marketed under EESGI’s reputed eLEDing brand name and with 2 years limited warranty, they are both worth checking out if you are in the market to purchase any solar lights for parking lots.

1) eLEDing Solar Powered Street Flood Lights (Cobra Style)

You can see a picture of this product here. Called the eLEDing EE810-50W/SSLH and built with American patented technology, this one is suitable for mounting on posts or poles in your parking lot.parking lot lights EESGI is selling this solar light unit through a network of sellers as well as online stores.  You can order this here on Amazon online store.

Its got one super powerful 12W LED-eMitter that give out a light up to 1600+ Lumens which is equivalent to the light given out by a normal 120W HPS street lamp. This one is also able to give up to 80+ hours of continuous illumination without sunlight with maximum energy efficiency under Intelligent Power Management (IPM) setting control.solar parking lot


The “Green” LiFePO4 battery which is used to store the solar generated power, is much light weight and wide temp operation range, with a much longer life cycle than Lead Acid batteries such as AGM, Gel and SLA used by average system. This product also comes with a 2 years limited warranty from EE-SGI corporation with warranty protection over the LED-eMitter, Li-Battery, Solar Panel and eLEDing-Control Module. Also capable of AC/Hybrid power source back-up, just in case you need to.

2) eLEDing Solar Powered Parking Lot Spot Flood Lights

The eLEDing Spot Flood lights for parking lots comes in a box shape house and lights a more focused area than the street lamp style one we saw above.  But its got a 15W LED-eMitter light that lights up to 2000+ Lumens which is equivalent to a 150W HPS lamp. All other features of the two products are the same including:solar pole lights

  • Up to 80+ hours of continuous illumination without sunlight under Intelligent Power Management (IPM) setting control
  • Dusk-to-Dawn / Night light mode operates throughout the evening and all year round with SMART illumination profile
  • Environmentally friendly Lithium based battery is Non-pollution contaminated, Lightweight, Durable and has Ultra high energy density
  • Solar Panel Size: L 20.75″ x W 18.5″ x H 2″ (L 51 cm x W 48 cm x H 5 cm)
  •  Complies with FCC Part 15 Class B and ICES-003:2004.solar parking lights

Same like the above product the solar spot flood light. You can order it here on Amazon  online stores.

But take note. The above mentioned EESGI solar products do not include light pole, or related mounting hardware. DIY customers will have to visit local hardware stores or metal/iron shops for assistance on your specific mounting accessories needs. You or the Installer have to consider your parking lots environmental conditions and specific lighting purposes to decide the best mounting arrangement such as using metal or wood structure light pole; sit on the ground base, directly mount on the wall; etc. You can even simply apply/retro-fit to the local existing light pole to achieve your illuminating requirement.

Information about installing these lights can be found at the eLEDing website while for support and other contacts visit the official EESGI website.