The Most Popular Makers of Solar Lights

The market for solar lights at the consumer level is relatively young. Despite having been available for many years only fairly recently has technological advances made solar lighting a feasible environmentally friendly choice for many homeowners. The most popular makers include companies that specialize in energy conscious lighting, outdoor décor, a cost leader in lighting products and a leader in energy controls.

When people want to know about the top brands of solar lights there is usually a much more functional motive. It is because they are looking to fulfill a particular requirement or need for their outdoor living desires. The most popular by market share is probably Malibu, Westinghouse, Frontgate, Hampton Bay and Intermatic. But what is important is not the brand name on the package, what is important is the brightness, reliability, and effectiveness of these solar lights and related products.

There are some obvious reasons why people are drawn to the notion of wireless solar lighting products for their outdoor décor. For a while there are some hidden problems and restrictions that kept these products from being very popular. Initially the bulbs were dim and batteries were unreliable. The solar panels that collected energy were ineffective and designs choices were limited.

New products that are available today are much more reliable and offer brighter bulbs and greater battery capacity. They are an affordable solution for most budgets and easy to use and install. It is great for accent lighting, walkway lighting as well as specialty purposes like solar Christmas lights and higher demand task lights. This is all possible with improvements in various parts that make up the solar lights.

The first improvement is in the use of LED bulbs. These bulbs offer the brightest in industry standards and generate very little heat so it consumes lower amounts of energy when burning brightly. Since these bulbs don’t burn so bright these bulbs will last very long, sometimes the entirety of the life of the product itself.

Then there is the improvement to the batteries and photovoltaic cells used in the panels which collect sunlight and convert it into useable energy to be stored in the batteries. The improvement in battery capacity combined with greater efficiency in the photovoltaic cells allows the bulbs to remain lit for lengthier periods of time before exhausting the battery.

While the most popular solar light models available to the standard consumer might not match conventional outdoor lighting systems in terms of brightness and even functionality, the technology is definitely getting to the point where the quality and effectiveness offers benefits to the owner at an affordable price. There are also the benefits of not having to tear up the yard to run power lines which are susceptible to being damaged by critters of the night. These are the reasons why the consumer demand for solar lights will continue to push manufacturers to develop better products in the near future.