3 Top Brightest Solar Powered Landscape Lights Reviews

Many people expect solar powered landscape lights to be as bright as normal lights. So they are frequently disappointed with solar powered lighting solutions they buy because they are not as bright as standard electricity grid powered lights. That’s why when shopping for any lights or solar lights specially it is very important to match the light to the function you want it to perform.

There are three primary categories of solar lights for use in outdoor landscape lighting. They are as follows;

1) Solar Accent lights

2) Solar Path lights

3) Solar Spotlights and Task lights

Out of these 3 categories solar accent and path lights are for ornamental and decorative use or for driveway/path perimeter marking at night times. They don’t need to be very bright, so low light solar garden lights of these kind usually work very well. Since you are looking for very bright solar powered lights they are to be found among solar powered landscape task lights and spotlights.

Bright Solar Path lights

solar path lights

BrittaProducts Solar Rays – The brightest quality garden path lights we found!

Path lights are meant to light or show where the pathways, walkways or driveways and other small areas around a home or landscape are during nighttime. Several path lights are usually used together to guide the way along a dark walkway or driveway. So they don’t need to be very bright. For the best product in this category I suggest checking out BrittaProducts Solar Ray Path Lighting. They were the brightest path lights we found among solar garden path lights.

The BrittaProducts Solar Ray lights are double the price of most inexpensive garden path lights and come as a set of 3 only. However they are much brighter than other solar powered garden path lights because the soft-white light from the BrittaProducts Solar Ray is more directional (directed down towards the path). So it does a much better job of lighting the pathway than other solar path lights. Also they are well-built and attractive. Coupled to this is the unique, unusual shape of them which actually helps to keep water from getting into the lights and ruining the battery and electronics.

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Powerful Solar Spotlights & Task lights

solar powered spotlight

Superbright Solar Spotlight by Gardener’s Supply

The purpose of a spotlight or task light is to cast a bright beam of light on a specific plant, garden fixture, or a area of your home landscape. To achieve this purpose you need a powerful light which is much more brighter than solar path lights. So the brightest solar lights for landscape and garden use can be found among solar powered task and spotlighting products. A good product with a high light output is the 16 LED Superbright Solar Spotlights by Gardener’s Supply Co.

However, it is important to realize that a solar task light or spotlight will not perform like a standard 100-watt outdoor floodlight. You can’t expect the solar powered light’s output to be very bright if you want it to last many hours during the night because of the solar panels size limitations. A high-quality solar light with good LEDs can produce a focused beam of light equivalent to a 40-watt incandescent spotlight, an impressive amount of light considering we are using clean and free green solar technology.

There are also couple of additional benefits with getting these brighter solar spotlights for gardens and outdoor use. Solar spotlights are normally the most durable class of solar lights. While nearly all solar lights are weatherproof and UV protected, solar Task lights and spotlights are generally more ruggedly constructed.

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Motion Activated Solar Security Lights

powerful solar spotlight

Solar powered, motion-activated dual head LED security spotlight by MAXSA Innovations

Motion activated solar security spotlights are even more brighter than normal spotlights. However since they light only when there is a motion detected you can’t use them if you want to continuously light a area of your garden or surroundings.

If you want a bright light powered by solar that is turned on only when someone or something is moving beneath a specific area of your garden then a good product with a bright light will be Dual head LED security spotlight by MAXSA Innovations.

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