Classy Caps 4×4 Solar Post Cap Lights Review

If you look at 4×4 solar post cap lights in the market today you will notice Classy Caps have by far the most variety and style. Just checkout this Classy Caps sales listing page on Amazon for 4 x 4 solar post cap light products, you will see how many different styles, colors and sizes there lights come in.

So in this post lets have a look at some of the best selling solar post cap lights 4×4 from them. But before that I would like to say something about the Classy Caps brand and some reasons why Classy Caps, stands out from its competition other than their great selection of models. Classy Cap lights aren’t the cheapest in the market but they are more reliable and sturdier than other branded solar post light products. They have also got several patents for their innovative designs. Most importantly they stand behind their products and have a good customer reputation by responding to customers queries and complains which is very positive. These reasons makes it easy for us at Solar Lights Design to recommend Classy Cap solar lights to you.

Best Selling 4 x 4 Solar Post Cap Light Models by Classy Caps

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Prestige 4×4 solar post cap light – This model from Classy Caps is one of the best selling 4×4 solar powered post lights today. Features include, auto on at dark and high performance, can stay lit up to 12 hours.  Can fit over an actual 4 x 4-inch PVC or nominal 4 x 4-inch wood post. Includes 3.5 x 3.5-inch adapter and batteries.  Its also available in bronze color. Get further details and buy now on Amzon>>>

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Imperial Solar Post Cap light 4×4 – Available in black, bronze and white, this model is even more popular than previous prestige model. It’s made out of durable cast aluminum and can fit over over a 4×4 vinyl or wood post (3.5×3.5 post adapter included). Lights up automatically and has got three high output LED’s and long life AA Ni-MH rechargeable battery.  Find out more and get this on Amazon >>> 

4x4 solar post cap
Manchester Solar Post Cap – A beautiful high Performance solar lights with real water glass lens, auto on on night, off switch and  ability to stay lit for up to 10 hours. Uses high output surface mount LED technology which can be 3x brighter than standard LED’s. Checkout more and buy on Amazon >>>
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Copper Plated Ambience Solar Post Cap light – A Chinese design solar light by Classy Caps which can stay lit for up to 12 hours. Can fit over an actual 4 x 4-inch PVC or nominal 4 x 4-inch wood post. Gives out light from 2 high-output LEDs in warm yellow candlelight. Comes with batteries and adapter included. Find out more and buy on Amzon >>>
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Wellington solar post cap lights with Stain Glass – This is a beauty and one of my favorites. Use of stain glass makes it unique and stand out when compared to other post cap lights. Will be very beautiful and graceful in the right environment. It’s not strictly a 4 by 4 post light and it comes with adaptors included so you can fit it over 5″x5″, 4″x4″ and 3.5″x3.5″ posts. Automatically lights up at night, four high output LED’s and two long life AA Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries. Find out more details and buy on Amazon >>>

Above is a round up of some of the most popular models of post cap lights by Classy Caps. These Classy Caps post lights comes from Classy Caps Mfg. Inc., Kingsville, ON CA. They have a good reputation and supply to large chain building centers as well as fence and deck dealers through out the USA and Canada. Plus there innovative designs set them apart from the competition.