How To Install Solar Shed Lighting

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A solar shed light is slightly different from the most common types of solar lights usually used in gardens and around the yard. It is meant to be fixed over areas around a shed, gazebo, tent, or other similar structures. Since it is expected to be positioned in areas that will not be exposed to direct sun light during the day, such as inside the shed or under the lid of the roof, these solar powered lighting units use a wire to connect a separate solar panel to the rest of the unit.

This design makes a lot more sense and allows the solar lights to be installed in dark areas where it is needed most while the solar panels that collect energy from sunlight can be outside. Being solar powered is great because it saves from using electricity that will increase your utility bills while providing the light you need at night. It might not be as bright as typically wired bulbs but are cheap enough so you can install multiple units if necessary.

1. Locate the Solar Shed Light Position

When planning to install solar shed lighting for your shed or other detached storage facility, you first want to consider where you want the light to come from. This is where you should put up the solar light so that it is easiest to turn on and off in the dark. That means it is a good idea to place the unit somewhere closer to the entrance so you do not have to go searching in the dark for the on switch. Also look for a stable, smooth and flat surface for mounting the light.

2. Determine the Solar Panel Position

Instead of jumping ahead to install the lighting fixture, simply make a physical or mental mark where you want to place the light. Then go looking for where to position the solar panel that will connect to your solar powered shed light. This is where the source of energy will come from to keep the batteries freshly charged every sunny day. It might take a little time as you may want to watch the position of the sun throughout a day before deciding. Also keep in mind the angling differences between the various seasons. Try to avoid spots where there are shadows and always look to maximize exposure to the sun.

3. Putting It All Together

Now you need to determine the distance between where the solar shed light will be fixed and where the solar panels will be positioned. You want to make sure that you get a cable long enough to reach those two points. There may be a need to drill a hole if you are passing the line through a wall to get inside. Finally, you can set everything up and securely install all the components. The brightness level often equals that of solar spot lights or task lights. Enjoy your newly lit shed powered with free electricity.