Preparing Your Solar Security Light

There are some differences that separate solar security lights from normal solar lighting fixtures. For one it is not meant for decoration but rather a much more functional purpose. The bulb must be brighter and produce a strong beam of light that can cast light over a wider area than your typical task lighting. It will also require more power to be effective and produce a bright enough light. This means that the battery pack will tend to be larger as well as the solar panel to keep that battery well charged.

Solar Powered Security Light and Motion Sensors

Since solar powered lighting systems are limited in the sustainable brightness they offer, the solar security light will have to rely on a motion sensor to keep potential intruders away. The motion sensor will turn on the light only when it detects movement so that you are conserving battery power when it isn’t necessary to have the solar lights on. There is another technique that actually provides a lower wattage light and then it switches to high beams when a motion is detected. This is still rare with solar security lights because of the limitation in the power of the battery.

Usually, you can adjust two settings on the motion detector to conserve battery power. The sensitivity of the motion detector’s trigger can be adjusted as well as the area that it will encompass in terms of both radius and distance. Then there is also the lighting period so shorten or lengthen the amount of time the light is on when the trigger is activated.

LED Solar Security Lighting

What makes a solar security light an economically feasible option are the advanced bulbs used. Typically designed around a 6 volt halogen bulb, new models are incorporating the use of a super bright LED bulb instead. These LEDs give off less heat and thus conserve energy while lasting a very long time. It isn’t unusual for the LED lamp to outlive the life of your solar security lighting system because they are designed to burn for as many as 100,000 hours. This means you may never have to change the LED lamp throughout the life of the security system.

Installing and Positioning Your Solar Security Light

It is important that you place the solar panel in a position or area that receives as much direct exposure to sun light as possible. There is a lot to be said about planning the install before you actually purchase the equipment because there are slight differences in models that your particular installation might benefit from. If there is little or no direct sunlight where you want the LED solar security light installed then it makes sense to find a product that comes with an extended cable between the solar panel and the light itself. This will allow you to position the solar panel on the roof for example while running the line to the rest of the unit.