Smartest Ways to Use Solar Patio Lights

Not all solar lights are made the same and are designed differently for various uses. When looking to install solar patio lights to refine the outdoor décor of your home, consider the functionality of the lights. That will give you a good idea as to what the best use will be. The most common are accent lighting, pathway lighting or specific tasks lighting. Each have different installation and use considerations which need to be figured out before you purchase any of the products.

Solar Accent Lights

There are now specially designed solar accent lights that provide the soft glow in a very energy efficient manner. Since it does not have to be bright, the low light levels allow the bulbs to burn for much longer and batteries to require lower capacities. The accent lights that are powered by a battery charges with solar power can usually last several nights after being charged for just a single day. They are usually made with multi-crystalline solar cells so it can charge even without direct sunlight. Often white lamps will require more energy but amber LED bulbs are even more conservative with energy consumption.

Solar Pathway Lights

The need to light a pathway demands much brighter lamps than accent lighting and for that reason solar pathway lights in and around the patio area might cost more for the extra quality and features. Some have timers or power options that allow for conservation of energy when it is not in use. This is actually an important part of patio lighting since it is for the safety of your family, your guest, and yourself. It is a good idea to check the brightness of the bulbs used in your solar patio lights to make sure it is up to par with what you need which will depend on the planned frequency of unit installations and other factors.

Solar Tasks Lighting

Solar tasks lighting is the most demanding type of lighting and you will want to brightest lights available. This will inevitably cost more than any other type of solar lights but a well designed task light can provide a very bright light to illuminate the object of your choice. It will not match some of the greatest conventional wired flood lights but does make up for that with the benefits of being solar powered which will not add to your energy bill. These tasks lights are like free spot lights after the initial purchasing price which is not a bad deal at all especially if your patio does not require the brightest level of lighting.