Solar Deck Lights by HomeBrite

wunderlight-solar deck lights
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When it comes to solar deck lights, the Wunder Light by Homebrite is a great solar powered lighting solution that can be used in several ways. It is a relatively small product and comes in a pack of 6, 12 or 24 individual lights that can be installed outdoors just about anywhere that will provide sufficient exposure to direct sunlight. Since it is so small and easy to install, the Wunder Light can be used individually to cast a light on signs and posts during the night or it can be installed incrementally spaced apart on a deck to provide light and create a subtle, relaxed mood. This makes your deck a better lit and a more welcoming place to be enjoyed at night. It is also waterproof making it an ideal solar deck lighting solution for outdoor conditions.

How It Works

Solar Deck Light Panel

The solar deck lights looks like a small flat rectangular box with the solar panel on the top of the box and the LED lamp emitting light from the bottom. The light must be installed outdoor where it will receive sun light that is captured by the solar panels and converted into DC power which is stored in the battery. The sensors detect lighting levels to turn the lamp on at dusk and off at dawn. More direct sunlight allows the battery to charge fully and a fully charged battery can sustain a bright light for up to eight hours. If the light is dim or blinking that usually means the battery does not have sufficient charge. In bad weather or consecutive days without sunlight, it is recommended that the light is switched off to prevent power from being drawn and allow the unit to recharge for several days.

Installing the Solar Deck Lights

Installing the solar deck lights is as easy as determining the location and using the provided methods to suspend the light in place. Make sure the location will provide as much direct exposure to the sun during day light hours as possible and understand the difference in sun angles through different seasons in a year. Shadows and other obstacles can prevent the batteries from charging fully. Also be aware of any other light sources that might turn on at night because they could fool the sensors from turning on the lamp.

Solar Deck Light Bracket

Before attaching the light to a wall or other object where it will be suspended from, turn on the switch in the back and test the product by covering the solar panel to simulate low-light conditions which will trigger the sensor to turn on the lamp.

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To suspend the solar lights in place there are a variety of options available. The back of the light will have an adhesive surface which can be revealed by removing the covering. Simply affix the light with the adhesive end to a flat surface if you wish to use this method. There are also two metal brackets on the backside which can be used to screw the light into a wood surface such as walls or wooden railings of a deck. To suspend the light over a thin end there is an attachable clip that can be used.

Battery Care and Replacing

Before using the Wunder Light it is recommended that you fully charge the battery for 8 hours by exposing it to direct sunlight. The batteries come pre-installed and will typically need to be replaced after about 36 months. Replace with a Nickel Metal-Hydride rechargeable AAA battery of 1.2V and 600 or higher mAh. To replace the battery simply unscrew the battery cover on the underside of the light right next to the LED lamp and be sure the polarities of the new battery is aligned properly.

Benefits of Solar Powered Deck Lights

By using solar deck lights to illuminate your outdoor living space you create a welcoming, well lit area to relax and entertain which is the purpose of having a nice deck. Having solar powered lights mean you can keep the area light without concerning your electricity consumption and does not add to your electricity bill. The Wunder Light is a great deck light because it is small which makes installation easy and is convenient when you want to redesign your deck and move the lights around. It also makes for great solar patio lights as well since there is no need to worry about hiding or managing wires it is an incredibly affordable solution for your lighting needs.