Stainless Steel Solar Lights – Set of 4 by Alpan


Do you need lights that’s both affordable and with great design? Here’s what you need. The latest from Alpan Lighting Products, the Stainless Steel Platinum Solar Garden Lights (set of 4). It has a contemporary design and is made of heavy duty materials. It doesn’t tarnish and remains shiny even after being exposed outdoors. It’s earth-friendly and great for the budget too.

Alpan SGL-61853SS-4 Platinum Solar Garden Lights:
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One of its biggest advantages is that it uses less energy so there is less strain on the battery for greater endurance. This energy efficiency comes without sacrificing the effectiveness and brightness of the lights. This will definitely be a good buy for anyone who wants to beautify their outdoors landscape without the headache of digging up their yard to run wires or the increased expense on their electricity bill.

These professionally-made lights are great for gardens, landscapes and ZEN-inspired spaces. These lights cover up to an area of 20 feet. Thanks to super bright LED lights. Each light is 13-3/4 inches long and 6-1/4 inches wide in diameter. The globe in which the lamps are enclosed, are large and the shade is made of stainless steel. These lights will surely make your lawns, gardens or walkways exceptionally bright and beautiful.

The controls for this set are manual with an on/off switch. It also comes with an auto dusk to dawn light sensor. The batteries are rechargeable and are included in the package. The batteries used for this set are two (1,000 mah) NiCad batteries. If fully charged, these stainless steel lights will brighten up your spaces for a maximum of 12 hours. Remember to use only the specified type of batteries to prevent accidents. Installing the lights is easy and don’t need any professional assistance. Also, installation and care instructions are provided with the product.