When To Throw Out Solar Christmas Lights

There is nothing like the excitement of Christmas creeping up around the corner and the task of untangling your Christmas lights. With the additional use of electricity to run these lights all night comes an increase in your energy bill. This problem can be avoided with solar Christmas lights for your outdoor decorating needs. Solar lights are the way of the future for outdoor lighting solutions especially with the major strides in technological advancement to create more effective, affordable and reliable solar powered lighting products.

Many people do not have a system for managing their Christmas lights and the question of what to do with an old string of lights always comes up every season. The time to throw out conventional Christmas lights depends on your decorating habits. The lights are often cheap enough that you will purchase a new set to avoid having to untangle or figure out where the break is that is causing the rest of the string to be unlit. At that point there is no reason to keep the old lights since you already have your replacement and will probably never get around to using the old set of lights.

This is also true of solar Christmas lights since you will know when to throw it out when you already have replacements in hand. They are typically more expensive than traditional lights but not by much. Since it uses solar power, the savings in energy consumption pays for the product very shortly. More feature-full models offer a lighting level sensor that will switch off the lights when the sun is up and switches the lights on when lighting levels are low enough.

If you are decorating something a little larger in scale then a box of 100 lights might be better suited for your needs. That is where the greater features come in too. The best ones are the solar panels on a stake so you can drive it into the dirt and leave it in a position to take greatest advantage of day light much similar to how typical solar post lights are designed.

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The cons to solar LED Christmas lights is that despite the advance LED bulb technology to provide brighter lamps, it still is often not as bright as traditional lights and are often smaller in size. It can still be a good idea since many people like the fact that it is basically free electricity and the box of lights are relatively affordable compared to traditional Christmas lights making it easy to throw them out and get new ones when necessary.